First play 263 Piece Games Activity Kit



There is something for everyone, from individual to group activities. This giant pack comes in three storage holdalls. The First play 263 Piece Games Activity Kit Contains:• 10 x reaction balls• 30 x 70mm foam balls• 2 x 1.75m parachutes• 20 x bean bags• 8 x 24" hoops• 6 x pom pom balls• 2 x non-sting footballs• 1 x parachute activities book• 12 x animal bean bags• 4 x quoits• 12 x gameflow balls• 2 x non-sting basketballs• 10 x marking hands• 6 x risbees• 12 x skipping ropes• 4 x 100mm play balls• 2 x non-sting netballs• 10 x marking feet• 50 x marker discs• 1 x rugby ball• 4 x 160mm play balls• 12 x table tennis bats• 10 x marking arrows• 6 x eurohoc sticks• 4 x marking spots• 4 x 200mm play balls• 4 x scoop rackets• 12 x padder bats

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