This Fidget Pad is the latest in a series of stress relieving devices that have been making the rounds, and its a versatile one, covered in all sorts of gubbins thatll help your stress levels decrease.

The Fidget Pad is shaped similarly to a game controller pad, but small enough to fit in your pocket, there are a variety of different controls to begin, there is a clickable joystick that turns and clicks at your leisure. In addition, there are a series of four buttons arranged in a diamond shape, two of which give a satisfying clicking sound when you press them, and two are push in buttons that are almost bouncy, letting you apply variable pressure.

Even cooler, the pad has a clicking switch on the bottom, as well as a spinning dial thats perfect for turning with your thumb. There's a spring-loaded slide lever that makes a satisfying sound when it snaps back into place once released, sure to annoy coworkers, and it also has three spinning gears for rolling with your fingers or thumbs, and a textured grip thats comfy to rest your thumb against, or can serve as a stress-relieving friction surface all its own.

This Fidget Pad is just perfect for keeping yourself chilled out when youre stressed.

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