Fidget Floor Mats



Promote children's focus and concentration in any play or learning environment with the innovatively designed and visually stimulating Fidget Floor Mats. This set of four UK-made ribbon-edged, padded fidget floor mats provide comfort and positioning cues as well as sensory feedback from playing with the ribbons. This inclusive product has been created to help children 'ground themselves'.

The proprioceptive feedback gained from fiddling with the ribbons enables children to listen, sit still and maintain eye contact. Manufactured in the UK in purple fleece, great for children with autism, the mats are azo-free and machine washable and designed to fit inside the Sensac underneath a Treasure Basket. A simple and attractive product that is making a 'remarkable difference' to children who struggle to sit still, the mats also come with an activity card suggesting 20 activities for use generally. Also sold singularly.


  • Sets of four UK-made ribbon-edged mats (fleece measures 12.5 diameter, 16 including ribbon-edge)
  • Supplied with guidance sheet and 20 activities

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