Fiddle Kit Super



This fantastic Fiddle Kit Super bucket is full of fiddle Fidget toys and is excellent for general fidgeting hands and provides a useful resource to occupy minds.
The Fiddle Kit Super is a great addition to any classroom,home or therapists kit.

The Fiddle kit super pack contains the complete selection of items shown in the picture

This selection of fidgets are ideal for keeping fidgety fingers happy and focused on the job in hand. The set includes: - Stretchy caterpillar - Squidgy Sparkle Shapes - Bendy men x 4 - Tangle Toy - Sensory Touch Ball and Spider Ball - Squishy Mesh Ball - Big eyed Borris - Liquid Timer - Eye Ball - Magnetic Animals - Vibrating Fish - Funky Disco Duck

Sometimes we will need to substitute items but they will be an equal value.

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