Fiddle and think kit



Crammed full of fiddle aides for the fidgets and thinkers!  - We created a Jar of fiddle toys for people that need movement in their life to help them perform at their best.

All items in the Fiddle and think kit are contained within a screw top plastic jar making the kit easy to carry around with ease and perfect for car journeys or therapists.

This jar of fidget toys is great for the home, school or office. It has many different textures, feels and resistance to provide something for every mood and emotion. Ideal for fidgets of all ages, for helping with ideas for homework or in a brainstorming session at work.
Textural stimulation works for all ages not just children! Particularly good for ADHD, SEN or Autistic children. The jar is important too! When you have to give them back they can still be seen through the clear jar ready for next time.

Varied contents for maximum appeal - Ideal for ages 3+. 

Contents may vary

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