Tidlo Farm Family



The Tidlo Farm Family set of 4 Farm Family Figures is a great addition to help run the busy farm. The arms and legs are made from a bendy flexible material for extra play value. Just what you need to run a busy farm - Mr and Mrs Farmer and their two children, a son and daughter! All happy and ready to work, the farm family are all dressed suitably ready for a day of looking after the animals and bringing in the harvest. The Tidlo Farm Family figures have flexible, poseable arms and legs, each of the figures can stand or sit, and it means no part of the farm is out of bounds! A great addition to complement any farm set. Encourages creative and imaginative play. Develops hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills and dexterity.Age: 3 years +.Measurements:Adult height: 11.5cm.Child height: 8.5cm.

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