Explosion Volcano Lamp



If you love the soothing look of novelty night lights then you’ll be sure to love the Round Volcano Lamp. This fun piece of novelty lighting would be a great addition to any bedside table. This cylindrical Volcano Lamp simulates a volcano and when turned on red beads flow out of the top of the volcano and make it look as if it’s erupting. This Volcano lamp would look great on a home office desk or on a bedside table and it has a built in quiet motor to ensure it doesn’t disturb you when it’s on. This Volcano lamp requires 3xAA batteries to function (not included) and uses 3pcs LED lights to create a soothing look. This Volcano lamp would look great in the dark with its red LED lights and would be a fantastic present for anyone who wants some mood lighting. This would also be great for a child’s bedroom when used as a night light.

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