Exploration Circle Set Colour Trays



The Exploration Circle Set Colour Trays has 4 coloured quadrant trays with a grey metal stand forming a sturdy activity circle.Using the Exploration Circle Set Colour Trays,Children can play and discover the properties of sand, water, confetti, wood chippings or whatever medium you decide to place into the handy sized trays which are easy to manage, clean, lift and empty with this stunning Exploration Circle Set Colour Trays.The Exploration Circle Set Colour Trays is ideal for encouraging collaborative group play.Supports the EYFS / National Curriculum:EYFS Physical Development: Moving & handlingEYFS Mathematics: Shape, space & measureEYFS Understanding the World: The WorldEYFS Expressive Arts & Design: Exploring & using media & materialsKS1 ScienceSupports quality provision using ITERS & ECERS:ITERS-R: 02. Space & Furnishings: Furniture for routine care & playITERS-R: 15. Activities: Fine motorITERS-R: 16. Activities: Active physical playITERS-R: 21. Activities: Sand & water playITERS-R: 22. Activities: Nature/ScienceECERS-R/E: Activities, Science & environment, Provisions for children with disabilities, DiversitySpecificationCircle dia. 800mm, stand height 460mm, quadrant tray depth 150mm.

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