Emotions Mats set with Mirrors



Set of 8 sitting pads featuring different emotions and 2 mirror pads. These pads are essential equimpent for any school or nursery setting. The large bright and bold print make them fun, friendly and engaging for children whilst encouraging two way communication from even the most reluctant children..Comprises: 8 x 800 x 600 x 4mm thick carpet pads: 2 x Mirror, 1 each: Happy, Excited, Scared, Sad, Angry, Shy.Material Specification: Printed polyester carpet matting. Non tear. Waterproof (air dry).Anti-slip rubber back. Use indoors/outdoors. Store indoors.Use/Safety Notes: Very durable. Wash clean under a running tap. Vacuum clean when dry. Care with mirror pads, extended periods of bending will damage the mirrors - best used flat on the floor or on a table top.

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