Emotions Faces Interactive Circular Carpet



This highly visual Emotions Faces Interactive Circular Carpet has 12 different emotional/feelings expressions to encourage group discussion about feelings and interaction.The Emotions Faces Interactive Circular Carpet brings colour and character into any classroom or early years settings and provides the perfect resource to talk about emotions and facial expressions.The Emotions Faces Interactive Circular Carpet is a hugely popular resource within SEN school placements.Children can choose an expression to sit on during reading and group lessons.Carpet features: Distinctive and brightly coloured, child friendly designs.Designed to encourage learning through interaction and play.Crease resistant with unique Rhombus™ anti-skid Dura-Latex™ safety backing.Abrasion resistant, laboratory rub tested to heavy duty standards.Tightly bound edges to prevent fraying.Nylon twist soft textured finish.Meets all relevant safety standards.Depth: Heavy Duty Tuf-Pile™ - Substantial carpet, soft textured tufted pile for comfort and long lasting.Recommended for classrooms and soft reading/play areas

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