Easy Hold Discovery Set of 6



The Easy Hold Discovery Set of 6 is a selection of hardwood framed mirrors and viewers with easy grip handles making these perfect for Children with special needs and children in Early years and Primary school. Very young children can use these for seeing the world in different colours, for colour mixing and for creating interesting and unusual reflections. With lenses to change the colour of everything they see, a giant magnifier and mirrors to give true and distorted reflections of the world around them. The Easy Hold Discovery Set contains Red colour panels Yellow colour panels Blue colour panels, Double sided concave/convex mirror, Plane mirror Magnifier. Size of the Easy Hold Discovery Panels The size of the frames are 185mm x 120mm and the mirrors measure 80mm in diameter making it just right for little hand to hold easily. Teachers learning checklist This product support early years national curriculum in the following ways: EYFS Personal, Social & Emotional Development: Self-confidence & self-awareness; Managing feelings & behaviour EYFS Physical Development: Moving & handling EYFS Understanding the World: The World KS1 Personal & Social Development KS1 Science

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