Easi Doodle Children's Headphones - Blue



The Easi Doodle Children's Headphones are constructed with durable and bendable, child friendly materials, these funky, colourful headphones feature a pillow soft headband and ear cushions that provide comfort for longer listening sessions. The volume is limited to 85 decibels, preventing the device from exposing young listeners’ ears to permanently damaging sound levels. Their coolest feature is the ability to customise the earcups. Pre-printed cards are provided that can be coloured with the included crayons, each card is inserted onto the outside of the ear cup so that your budding artist can show off their latest and greatest designs.Customisable earcups using provided cards and crayonsProtect young ears with 85dB volume limitComfortable, safe and child friendlyDurable, twistable and bendable design

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