Early Years Maths Resource Set



The Early Years Maths Resource Set is a bumper pack of nearly 500 translucent acrylic colour maths resources and laces, The Early Years Maths Resource Set is ideal for using on a light panel for exploring mathematical topics such as shape and attributes, counting and sorting, pattern and sequence, all whilst developing fine motor skills and inspiring creative play.The Early Years Maths Resource Set contains beautiful translucent resources come in 6 colours as well as clear, providing an engaging means for children to learn about primary and secondary colours, as well as colour-mixing effects. Includes convenient storage container.The Early Years Maths Resource Set Set includes:72 Translucent Lacing Geometrics in 6 colours: 6 each of flowers, hexagons, triangles, circles, hearts, rhombi, octagons, squares, 9-point stars, pentagons, rectangles and 5-point stars. Approx. 52mm dia. 90 Translucent Hollow Pattern Blocks in 6 colours: 15 each of hexagons, triangles, rhombi, squares, regular and irregular quadrilaterals. Largest block: 50mm.12 Translucent Cubes in 6 colours: 4 each in large, medium and small sizes. Largest cube: 50mm.12 Translucent Geometric Shapes in 6 colours: sphere, semisphere, cube, cone, triangular-based pyramid, square-based pyramid, triangular prism, 2 rectangular prisms, pentagonal prism & hexagonal prism. Approx. 50mm.300 Translucent Stackable Counters in 6 colours: 50 in each colour. 20mm dia.12 Laces in 4 colours. Length: 610mm.Supports the following areas of learning:• Understanding the World - colour • Physical Development - motor skills • Maths - counting & sorting • Maths - shape & space• Personal Development - collaborative playSpecificationPk498. Colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and clear. 3+

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