Double Mirror Tummy Time Mat



The Double Mirror Tummy Time Mat has two safety mirrors and a colourful flower design this mat can be used on the floor or hung on the wall.The Double Mirror Tummy Time Mat is a great resource for self exploration and babies will love to watch their reflections in play.A great resource to develop baby neck control in a safe and enjoyable play space, and the Double Mirror Tummy Time Mat can be wiped clean with ease. This padded Softplay mat incorporates a shatter-proof, plastic safety mirror. Babies and toddlers will be fascinated by their reflection, encouraging curiosity and self-awareness.Helps with Core Skills Development- Physical Development (Gross Motor Skills)- Imaginative, Sensory and Creative play (Cognitive)- Communication and Language development- Personal, Social and Emotional skillsIt's flower power all the way with this lovely design in blue and lemon. You may like to add some extra soft play equipment and create your own play-zone area providing a fun, safe place for your children to relax. However you use soft play, we certainly think your twins will have double the fun!! The double playmat has a detachable mirror made of 'hammer-tough' acrylic, providing a safe and comfortable place for multiple children to play and interact. Acrylic mirrors are designed to be safe, strong and shatterproof providing functionality and fun for all. There's a carry handle on the base for either carrying or for hanging the mat. : Diameter - 1.2m

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