Deco Fibre Lamp



Our Deco Fibre optic lamps are a delightful way to create the perfect sensory environment.Our Deco Fibre optic lamps are soft to touch and are designed to be durable and look amazing.Deco Fibre optic lamps can help to develop eye co-ordination.Switch on yourDeco Fibre optic lamps and you will have a fantastic calming environment in which to relax.As this is powered by LED lights there are no bulbs to change.The Deco Fibre optic lamps is a stunning addition to any sensory environment such as a dark room or dark den but also looks stunning in a children's bedroom.Simply insert batteries and turn on the fibre optic lamp and your lamp will transform your environment into a calming atmosphere which will soothe away the days stresses.Allow your child to reach out and touch the Deco Fibre optic lamps and explore the fibre optic tails as they light up in a delightful array of colours.Your child will explore the textures of the strands and be amazed by the colours and the fibre optic lamps are a great way to increase concentration and attentionMeasure approx 26.7 x 8.1 x 7.9 cm

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