Dark den accessory kit 5



The Dark den accessory kit 5 is packed in a handy bag, this collection of sensory light toys provide hours of stimulation.
The Dark den accessory kit 5 can be used in sensory dark dens or even in darkened sensory rooms to provide visual stimulation and offer a calming light outlet.
Typical contents include:
  • Sensory Mini Domes
  • Light up egg
  • Light up cube
  • Spiky Baton
  • Shake and shine
  • 2 Mini fibre optic lamps
  • Finger light torches
  • Glow in the dark spagetti
  • Mini disco spinner wand x 2
  • Drawstring Blue Sensory Bag

*Occasionally we may need to replace an item but this will be for a similar item at the same or higher value*

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