Dark den accessory kit 4



This fantastic dark den kit 4 comes with a stunning selection of sensory lights for your dark den or dark room
The Dark den accessory kit 4 encourages children to explore bright colours and light with these sensory and glow toys, ideal for use in a sensory room or dark den. A great sensory room resource for autism, ADHD and SEN.
Typical contents include:
  • Fibre optic ice lamp
  • Disco spinner wands
  • Led bobble ball
  • Bath light domes
  • Light up chicks
  • Finger lights
  • Spikey batons
  • Torch
  • Space blanket
  • Spikey balls
  • Shake and shine
  • Light up glitter ball
  • Foam Light

*Occasionally we may need to replace an item but this will be for a similar item at the same or higher value*

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