Cushtie Vibrohug Massage Hugger



The Vibrohug is a comfortable and adjustable massager that wraps around the neck to provide relaxing vibrations. The plush and soft fabric cradles the neck to help alleviate neck discomfort, strained muscles, and stiff joints. The innovative design tucks into itself, so the user doesn't have to worry about holding it in position.When it's all just a bit too much the Vibrohug has a soft consistency, so just hold tight and wait for its gentle vibrations to sooth and relax you. You can simply wrap the Vibrohug around your neck to provide you with a comfortable cushion when you are travelling or at home. Soothe muscle pain and ache with this Vibrohug MassagerTherapeutic vibrating technology for painful jointsWrap around your neck for hands free pain relief

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