Cuddle Swing - Green



This sensory cuddle swing is made from special Oxford Polyester canvas, meaning it's waterproof and easy to clean - perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Increase calming and organise input by providing deep touch pressure and vestibular stimulation in our Cuddle Swing. Postural flexion is also encouraged while your child or client lies in the swing. Kids with autism often find this type of sensory cuddle swing comforting, with its wrapping, gentle swinging and spinning all in one. It can be thought of as similar to a hug. Thesensory cuddle swing is also popular with child occupational therapists, and for parents of autistic kids to use at home (eg. in the bedroom, lounge room, sensory room, play room or back yard). Blue is the most popular colour, making it a good choice if you're buying is as a gift. The swing measures 150x70cm and supports up to 80kg.

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