Create-a-Space Sanitizer Station



Keep your spaces healthy and organized! Whether you're managing a classroom, working in an office, or maintaining a tidy home, you'll find a neat new place for all of your personal cleaning needs in the Create-A-Space Sanitizer Station from Learning Resources. Inspired by our popular line of organizers, the Create-A-Space Sanitizer Station gives you a dedicated location for the cleaners that keep colds at bay; you'll find removable plastic trays sized to hold two bottles of hand sanitizer and a container of disinfectant wipes. Each of these removable trays connects to a base featuring one of our easy-grip handles, which makes it simple to take your Create-A-Space Sanitizer Station wherever it's needed. Thanks to its specially sized trays and portable design, the Create-A-Space Sanitizer Station is an essential tool for keeping loved ones healthy and happy during cold and flu season. Inspired by our clever Create-a-Space range, this portable storage set has been designed to hold personal cleaning supplies. The set includes three removable plastic trays which connect to a base featuring an easy grip handle. Storage trays can hold two bottles of hand sanitiser and a container of disinfectant wipes. Quick and easy to assemble. Assembled station measures approx. 16cm H x 22cm L x 15.5cm W.

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