Counting In 5s Bean Bags



The Counting In 5s Bean Bags are an alternative way to engage children to counting in 5’s, these counting 5 bean bags are perfect for teaching number sequence and come in numbers 5-100. The numbers are stitched on the front of each bean bag and are also colour coded in sets of 25. The Counting In 5s Bean Bags measure 7cm per bean bag, this set comes complete in a cotton string storage bag. It is vital to secure a firm understanding of number and counting through a rich variety of experiences. With these resources you provide a range of ideas for children so that they canconsolidate their understanding of number and quantity through hands on, open-ended activities which bring maths to life. Set of 20 bean bags. Includes cotton storage bag. Age: 3+ years. Size: each bean bag 7cm.

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