Colour Mixing Splats



The Colour Mixing Splats are colourful transparent and opaque acrylic pieces in the shape of a ‘dropped paint splat’ made in the primary and secondary colours (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple) as well as clear, black and white and double sided mirrored (black, white and mirrored are opaque). The Colour Mixing Splats can be used on their own or on a light box, for colour mixing, matching, light observation, shadow making and for wall decoration near to the painting area. 3+ Colour Mixing Splats support the EYFS and KS1 National Curriculum: EYFS Physical Development: Moving & Handling EYFS Understanding the World: The World; Technology EYFS Expressive Arts & Design: Exploring media & materials; Being imaginative KS1 Science Colour Mixing Splats supports quality provision using ITERS and ECERS ITERS-R:15. Activities - Fine motor ITERS-R:17. Activities - Art ITERS-R:22. Activities - Nature / Science ECERS-R/E: Space & furnishings, Language & Reasoning, Activities, Science & Environment Specification Each splat is approx 150mm diameter.

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