Colour and Play percussion kit



This vibrant Colour & Play percussion kit contains a superb range of fun multi-coloured instruments designed specially for young children. The Colour and Play percussion kit is suitable for up to 24 players making in ideal for use in primary school classrooms. This fab early years percussion kit contains the following instruments; 1 x Diatonic Set of Combi Bells 1 x Diatonic Set of Wak a Tubes 1 x Chime Bar Set These items are musical instruments, not toys, and are suitable for use by 3 year olds and above. It is advised that they are used with supervision as there are small parts on and in some of them.The Colour & Play Songbook is a great place to start playing, with numerous nursery rhymes and some pop tunes. Since the notes of the scale are colour coded it's an easy way to get children reading sheet music.

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