Class percussion pack



The Class percussion pack has sufficient hand held percussion instruments for up to 30 pupilsThe Class percussion pack is suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2.A great classroom resource for children who will love the musical instruments and teachers will also value the quality of each musical piece.All genuine Percussion Plus quality instruments. Supplied in large plastic storage box with lid.The kits typically includes:1 x PP343 – Tone Block Double Wooden1 x PP256 – Block Wooden Tulip1 x PP257- Double Agogo wooden1 x PP258 – Triangle 15cm (6″) Essentials1 x PP259 – Triangle 20cm (8″) Essentials1 x PP231 – Claves 8″ Professional1 x PP230- Claves Pair (Essentials)1 x PP425 – Claves Pair (Essentials)1 x PP536 – Maracas orange plastic large pair1 x PP589 – Transparent castanets1 x PP935 – Transparent castanets1 x PP384 – One Piece Beaters pack of 5 pairs1 x PP987-3 – Jingle Stick Red1 x PP210 – Finger Cymbals – 2 pairs in1 x PP486-4 – Tambourine Half Moon Blue1 x PP705 – Tambourine 8″ – red with goatskin1 x PP040 – Tambourine 8″ – red with goatskin1 x PP251 – Handbells Handled 12 Bells1 x PP866 – Budget Cymbals – 6″ Marching PairPlease note: Contents may vary slightly on occasion

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