Chunky Pegboard



The Chunky Peg Board with Large Pegs is Ideal for counting, patterns, sequencing & geometry work. The Chunky Peg Board contains 25 large chunky pegs in 5 different colours. Children will love to slot the pegs into any of the 25 holes on the board to create different patterns and sequences. The Chunky Peg Board can also be used for colour sorting, counting and basic math. The large pegs have smooth rounded tops which make them comfortable to hold and grip. The Chunky Pegboard design is ideal for children with poor dexterity, weakness in the hands or visual problems - helping to develop fine motor skills and better manual dexterity. • Maths - pattern • Maths - counting & sorting • Physical Development - motor skills • Understanding the World - colour Specification W: 21.00cm H: 21.00cm D: 7.00cm

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