CHUIT Neck Bling - Blue



The CHUIT Neck Bling necklace from our large range of chew sticks and toys. Each and every CHUIT Neck Bling is designed to look fashionable whilst discreetly serving your child's need to chew. The CHUIT Neck Bling will provide fantastic sensory input for those who like to chew and bite whilst providing great exercise to the mouth and jaw. CHUIT Neck Bling are 100% Non Toxic and 100% safe to chew and the CHUIT Neck Bling is designed with safety in mind with each and every cord being looped on a black snap away safety cord which will open the safety release if pulled too tightly but then goes back together when done. Not for larger children or those who chew very hard. Made from a food safe medical grade silicone approved and suitable for baby teethers, free from all harmful chemical properties that meet this standard. Whilst NOT a toy - CE marked against the required Toy safety standards & EN 71 - 1 2005 A:2009 - Mechanical & chemical properties & EN71 -1-3 -Toxicity. Must be used under supervision, inspected before each use and discarded and replaced when signs of wear are visible. CHUIT Neck Bling necklaces are washable in a sterilser, dishwasher or hot water.

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