CHUIT Chewy Chubes Textured



Our CHUIT Chewy Chubes Textured is an innovative oral motor sensory chew designed to provide a resilient, non-edible, chewable resource for practising safe biting and chewing skills.The CHUIT Chewy Chubes Textured provides great oral proprioceptive input especially for those who demonstrate teeth grinding and mouthing of non-food objects.Benefits of the CHUIT Chewy Chubes Textured.These Green Chewy Sensory Tubes offer a textured bite and tactile exploration. The Chewy Sensory Tubes are non-toxic, latex free, non-flavored and compliant with EU and UK product safety standardsTo top it all off, The Chewy Sensory Tubes are bendable and provide an excellent outlet for those with fidgety fingers. Adult supervision required. Age 12 months+.

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