CHUIT Chew Dragon



As a mouthing tool, The CHUIT Chew Dragon provides an excellent opportunity for the mouth to play through jaw movement, tongue movement, and oral exploration. The Chew Textured Grabber XT, resilient material can help with oral defensiveness and food aversions by de-sensitizing the mouth. The CHUIT Chew Dragon is also a safe and durable alternative to tooth-grinding and/or chewing on hazardous non-food items. The CHUIT Chew Dragon is sure to spark the interest of all ages The CHUIT Chew Dragon can be used: As an alternative to biting/chewing on fingers, shirts, pencils, and other hazardous non-food items To decrease pica, thumb-sucking, and tooth-grinding To build oral strength and tolerance To calm and soothe individuals through oral sensory input

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