Chewelry Chews - Necklaces Pack of 7



Chewing is a well known method of calming used by many children however gone are the days when sweatshirts and collars need to be ruined,with these stunning Chewelery chews. Boys and girls both look great wearing the deep jewel tone colours of this item. Chewelery is made of FDA approved medical grade plastic and the Chewelry comes either as wrist or neck wear. Use Chewelery Chews to redirect your students from chewing on their clothes. Now you don't have to worry about holes in clothes or wet shirt collars or sleeves. Chewelry provides an amazing alternative for children who chew and provides a great outlet to allow them to calm down in a fun and fashionable way and distract them with this awesome Fidget resource. Choose from Set 7 Chewelry Chews Necklaces (Mixed colours) Set 7Chewelry Chews Bracelets (Mixed Colours) Each set comes in a mix of 6 colours from - red, yellow, green, purple, orange, white & blue. Colours may vary. Use with adult supervision and replace if damaged.

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