Carousel Humming Top



A superior all metal version of a classic toy that every child should have. Beautifully printed with a traditional Carousel design, when the handle is pumped repeatedly the top spins and the characteristic humming sound is made.Our Carousel Tin Humming Top is a classic traditional top - and no batteries are required - just a push with the hand! This brightly painted traditional Carousel design has colourful designs of carousel horses and has a metal top and plastic base. Measure approx 19cm. We have a great range of pleasantly decorated Tin Humming Tops, all quality manufactured in metal. The Humming Top encourages motor skills in the young, as the child lifts and presses down on the handle, sending the top into a spin, which emits a humming noise as it spins and spins, changing in volume and tone depending on the speed. Colours may vary

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