Camo Senseez 3 in 1 Adaptable Therapeutic Vibrating Cushion



The Camo Senseez 3 in 1 Adaptable Therapeutic Vibrating Cushion is a fantastic sensory massage pillow for kids! Great for all kids who: have difficulty sitting for short or long periods of time; get distracted easily; have tactile sensitivities; have trouble concentrating; could use help with relaxation; have difficulty calming down; have difficulty sleeping.The weight, gentle vibration, heat or cool can help calm and relax young adults and children who require this type of sensory input: Perfect for kids who need help sitting still during school, mealtimes or while doing home work.This camo coloured cushion will have your child relaxed and comfortable in no time! Soothe and calm the body through gentle vibrations with this colourful, fun-shaped and portable vibrating cushion. Ideal for children with autism, ADHD, or sensory processing disorders.Calms children who need more sensory feedback or helps train hypersensitive children to tolerate more sensations. Kids love them! Senseez 3 in 1 Therapeutic Vibrating Cushions are fun, lightweight, soft rolls with a gentle vibrating mechanism.The Senseez 3 in 1 Therapeutic Vibrating Cushions are activated with pressure, whether you hug it or lean against it. The gentle vibration can help... Calm and relax children that need this type of sensory input Children sit still during school, mealtimes, & home work Children learn to tolerate different sensations if they are hypersensitive Children with a sensory processing disorder, Autism, or ADHD Children fall asleep at night with this soothing, calming stimulation Children focus on the task at hand if they are easily distracted Senseez Cushions are Constructed of: Thin layers of poly foam inside so sitting is comfy; Zippered sides to replace batteries; Vibrating battery pack enclosed in own secure pouch They have an Adjustable Vibration Unit (vibrates when squeezed). Hot/cold pack insert (microwave or freezer). Weighted Therapy, pressure therapy. It is cordless and requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included), no dangerous electrical wires. Compact and lightweight.Vinyl material for easy cleaning and sharing. Cordless and battery operated (no dangerous electrical wires). Vibrating unit is a self contained unit with a secure door to the batteries

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