Bubble For Round Magic Light Table



The Bubble is an exciting, versatile accessory to go with the Magic Light Table.Enjoy the activities of the Bubble without losing the colours that the table is shining by simply placing on top of the magic light table.You can paint on the surface of it with gouache, water colour and non-permanent highlighters.Decorate the top and the borders of it with various toys, mouldings and watch your 3D creation change along with the lights of the table.You can paint with watercolours and gouache, draw with washable markers on the surface as well as decorate with mouldings and toys.The shape of the bubble allows you to create spatial pictures.Watch your three-dimensional work changing together with the lights emitted by the table.You can draw from both sides of the bubble!Turn the bubble upside down and place it on the special stand – the hill will turn into a deep sea bottom or bowl that can be used for mixing of water, sand and other parts of the puzzle created.Dimensions: 500×170 mm.Made from PET plastic.

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