Bright Coloured Craft Sand Shakers - Bright Blue



These Bright Coloured Craft Sand Shakers are an environmentally friendly, shimmery, glittery craft sand that is made without micro-plastics. Unlike most glitter products which are made from plastic and contribute to the growing problem of micro-plastics in the environment, this sand is made from 100% natural mineral sand using environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredients and is therefore a great eco alternative to decorative glitter craft. The shaker bottles are resealable, reusable, and recyclable. They are complete with flip tops so the sand can be poured or shaken. The craft sand shakers are designed to reduce mess and for easy control so are ideal for many children's arts and crafts projects. • Ideal for crafts and greeting cards. • 100% natural mineral and biodegradable – an eco-friendly alternative. • Supplied in resealable, reusable, and recyclable 220g shaker bottles. • Gluten free and vegan friendly. • Made in the UK. • Great for sand art, sand painting, decorations, flower crafts and seasonal art projects as an eco-friendly alternative to glitter.

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