Bomb it Speed Ball



Exercise and fun all in one place with this fantastic speed ball. Pull the string with a friend or family member and watch as the ball travels across the line. Some great ideas for the Bomb it speed ball: Back and Forth — this is the way this toy was intended to be used. Two people stand far enough apart to make the strings of the toy tight and zoom it back and forth between each other. Kneel Down — No matter how you play with the speed ball you’ll activate the core muscles. But when you take away some of the stability that is available when standing on two feet, those core muscles kick into high gear. Try kneeling on both knees or half kneeling with one knee forward (a lunge position). Standing on One Foot — When a child gets “bored” with the game and/or says it is “too easy” I chuckle a bit because I know I have more tricks up my sleeve to increase the challenge! Try playing while standing on one foot!! It’s harder than it looks! Vary the arm movements — After a child can smoothly move the speed ball back and forth by moving their arms out to their sides, I have them try to move their arms up and down (like an alligator chomping). This just makes them think a bit harder about their movements and adds a major bilateral coordination challenge. A fantastic resource for the following: Motor Skills Exercise Cause and Effect Team work Turn taking

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