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Sit in and rock, spin, or climb on, so many options are possible with the Bilibo. The soft, round shapes of the Bilibo stimulate the senses and can help develop motor skills and a sense of balance. Can be used in or outdoor. Children with sensory processing problems experience too much or too little stimulation through their senses, and struggle to integrate the sensory information they are receiving. Movements such as spinning can help children with sensory processing disorders to achieve an optimal level of sensory arousal and regulation. Through appropriate therapy and carefully chosen interventions, these children can be helped to make better sense of the world around them, which in turn will help them to feel safer, calmer and more confident. This can help children to achieve improved behaviour's and better self-esteem. Spinning activities are important tools in Sensory Integration therapy. Spinning stimulates the vestibular system. Children who are hyposensitive (those who actively seek sensory input and stimulation) often crave intense movement. These spinning products provide a safe outlet for such cravings. At home, at the park, at the beach, in the water, and even in the snow, Bilibo provides hours of open-ended play for ages 18 months through until 8 years old.

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