Big Eyed Borris



Big Eyed Borris has a rubbery body which is made of long flexible spikes that children will love to stroke with the fingertips.  Once in the hands, Children will not want to put Borris down.
It invites manipulation and can be used during basic exercises of fine motor skills, for tactile exploration and as a soothing fidget.
A fantastic pocket money value Fidget toy great for calming.

How a Big eyed Borris helps your child...

It may look like a toy but he is an excellent learning tool.
Many children and adults need motion to learn as listening is just not enough
Big eyed Borris gives your child something to do with their hands so he allows them to focus which enables them to absorb your teaching / information more productively.
Promote a relaxed mindset Improve focus Relieve stress and anxiety
Engage the whole brain
Address sensory needs
Stop your child messing with things they shouldn't be touching.
 It is better for them to have Big eyed Borris.. He is very safe and very useful to have around. 
Features Five assorted colours and may vary

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