Betsy Butterfly Giant Softplay Floor Cushion



Guaranteed to get little ones all of a flutter, Betsy Butterfly the enormous floor cushion makes a brilliant, very squidgy and very comfy perch for reading, chilling or playing. The bright colours, delicate details and tactile materials are ideal for stimulating role-play and inspiring imaginations. Whether it's taking flights to far away lands or taking a post-adventure nap, Betsy makes the perfect partner. Thick, heavy duty fabric with varying soft textures children can cuddle up to. Highly attractive and themed soft play chair with a thick heavy duty and soft textured fabric that children can cuddle up to with easy care removable and washable covers. Highly detailed and tactile design. Comfortable to relax in and bright enough to stimulate play. Highly detailed and tactile. Easy care with removable washable covers. Meet relevant safety standards. Complement the Back to Nature™ soft seating, interactive wall displays, and carpet ranges.

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