Bendy Smiley Man Extra Large - Yellow



Our bendable smiley men make an ideal fidget and fiddle toy. The Bendy Smiley Man is a classic fidget toy which is loved across the world for his smart charming style. The Bendy Smiley Man toy allows the child's mind to focus as it removes other distractions and provides an element of focus. The bendy smiley men are a great way to keep little fingers occupied and to keep hands and minds focused.. A fantastic fidget toy resource and one used by many schools to allow children to focus there energy with a simple but effective fidget toy. A calming and happy fidget toy which promotes happiness and is an excellent way to open discussions about emotions. Such as is Mr Bendy feeling "Happy" or "sad" Or do you feel like Mr Bendy today? Available in 3 different colours: Blue Yellow Pink Height -12cm Tall

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