Bendy Mermaids Fidget Toy



Our bendable Bendy Mermaids make an ideal fidget and fiddle toy.
The Bendy Mermaids Fidget Toy is a great toy allows the child's mind to focus as it removes other distractions and provides an element of focus.
The Bendy Mermaids are a great way to keep little fingers occupied and to keep hands and minds focused.

The Bendy Mermaids can be bent into any shape that your child chooses and when they have finished they can bend it again and re mould the bendy smiley man with ease.

A fantastic fidget toy resource and one used by many schools to allow children to focus there energy with a simple but effective fidget toy.

What we love about Bendy Mermaid

  • Theyre pretty firm, giving a good amount of resistance and therefore offer some hand strengthening as well as acting as a fidget
  • Theyre colourful and popular with children
  • Theyre noise-free (an important attribute for a fidget in a classroom)
  • Theyre not too big for little hands


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