This fantastic fun and colourful inflatable Beast Bopper punch bag is a great way to relieve stress levels.
When your child has a burst of anger or distress why not channel the energy into this safe and secure knock down and pop back up stress bopper.

No more broken house hold items as this Beast Bopper will be there to take the blows.
Bop Bag that springs back up right whenever it is knocked, pushed or punched. Inflate the monster-themed bag, then open the base cap and fill it with water to give the bag the means to re-stabilise itself. When setup, the bag will rock back and forth when knocked, always returning to an upright position allowing children to continuously punch, kick and nudge the bag without it toppling over.
  • Child's inflatable punching bag
  • Base fills with water
  • Always returns to an upright position
  • 86cm tall inflated

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