Bead and Ball Bubble Tube



Experience a whirlwind of beads as they spiral through the Passive Bead and Ball Bubble Tube. This maintenance free tube is easy to set up and the included beads provide a vortex like effect that creates a sensory stimulating pattern for the user.The Bead and Ball Bubble Tube propel multicoloured beads and balls through a water bubble tube. A fantastic addition to a sensory room as the patterned beads and balls gently shoot upwards and then cascade down through the water to repeat the cycle.If you are looking to promote tracking skills to the user, then the Bead and Ball Bubble Tube is the perfect way to do just that. As you turn on the tube it immediately comes to life to attract attention, focus concentration and increase engagement in your sensory room.The Bead and Ball Bubble Tube can be attached using a secure wall bracket or built into a soft plinth for the perfect sensory room feature. Bubble tube measures 1 m height

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