BB Junior Splash 'n' Play Twist & Sail



Cute wind-up bath toy built specifically for small children to enjoy. Twist the life ring on the deck and then place the boat in water. It will start to sail across the surface, powered by its own little clockwork engine. You can even see how the mechanism works when the boat is in the pack, thanks to the "Try me" style packaging. Part of the BB Junior range of toy cars, vehicles and playsets. For water fans: with this great boat, the little ones will get their money's worth. Ideal for the bath or the pool With wind up motor: the boat is wound by turning the rescue ring and then automatically starts off Recommended age: the water toy offers great bathing fun for little water fans from 12 months. Robust quality: the toy boat can withstand a lot and is ideal for toddlers and babies. Educational value: the bath toy playfully promotes understanding of the cause effect principle and visual senses.

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