Balance cushion - Purple



Our Tactile Balance Cushion is a fantastic sensory resource which helps children improve posture and focus. The Tactile Balance Cushion has the same benefits of a balance ball and is spiky on one side yet bumpy on the other, allowing your child to choose the type of tactile input required for their own needs. The Balance cushion is a great active seating solution and provides balance training for the child. The Tactile Balance cushion is perfect for those with Attention Deficit and those with Sensory Processing Issues and provides a more complete solution for children than a regular chair. The Tactile Balance Cushion gives children space to wiggle around on their spot yet remain seated, which can improve their concentration and focusing skills. The Tactile Balance Cushion is also perfect for tumble time so can be used during therapy sessions using ideas such as creating an obstacle course. The Tactile Balance Cushion is perfect for times when sitting is required such as during classroom time or doing other tasks such as homework and such a super resource for meal times.

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