Aurora Sensory Tube



This Colour Change Tube Lamp is a huge one metre of LED colour change lighting. With super-bright coloured LED's inside the whole length of the tube, colour change sequences will add something original and astounding to parties and events. Its rainbow light effects are incredible when used to add some original funky lighting to play rooms or bedrooms too! 

A remote control allows you to change the settings of the lamp from across the room, altering the brightness, strobe, flash rate and fade control however you choose. Choose the static option and select one of 16 colours. 


  • One metre Colour Change Tube Lamp with Remote Control
  • Super-bright red, green and blue LED's create rainbow of colours
  • Adjustable flash rate, brightness and fade control
  • Static Mode - Choose from 16 colours
  • Includes base stand
  • Mains powered: 12v DC power supply
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm x 100 cm x 5.5cm

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