Aurora Northern Lights Projector



Witness the swirling colour formations on the walls and ceilings of a darkened room with the amazing Aurora Northern Lights Projector.
The Aurora Northern Lights Projector uses multi-colour LEDs in seven different light modes to display stunning Aurora lights onto the walls and ceiling of a darkened room. 

The Aurora Northern Lights Projector is a truly effective lighting addition to any sensory room and will create an array of colour to marvel at.

Aurora Northern Lights Projector includes auto shut-off option.


About the Aurora Lights Projector

  • The Aurora Lights Projector imitates the effects of the Southern and Northern Lights
  • It includes 2 discs that produce the patterns seen in different areas of the world
  • 8 different colour modes!
  • This Aurora Northern & Southern Lights Projector is a wonderful science toy and party accessory!
  • Project a light show imitating the Northern and Southern lights on walls and ceilings!
  • Battery operated (3 x AA batteries which are not included) and measures 18 cm x 13 cm x 10.5 cm
  • 2 rotating discs are included and it has 8 colour modes to try!
  • This lights projector makes a wonderful Birthday gift for kids!

Take a look at the Aurora Lights Projector in action


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