Take creative coding to the max with new Artie Max™ The Coding Robot! Artie Max brings coding and STEM learning to life by converting the code programmed in the simple user interface (UI) into real line drawings in up to 3 different colours. Kids learn to code in 5 coding languages - Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, and C++ - through fun, creative activities. Artie Max’s colour-changing LED light-up eyes add extra cool fun to coding for kids. Coding for kids is engaging and fun with new Artie Max The Coding Robot! Kids will be ready to learn to code in minutes and learn 5 coding languages through creative drawing activities. It’s easy to get stared with coding and STEM learning with Artie Max. First-timers can use Artie Max’s Remote Control mode to draw. Beginners can use the drag and drop coding options, Blockly, Snap! or Artie Max’s own UI. Young coders also have the choice of the text-based programming languages JavaScript, Python, and C++. Children connect to Artie Max’s own built-in Wi-Fi and use a tablet or computer to access the simple UI via a browser. (Artie Max does not connect to the internet while in use and does not collect user data.) Children programme their design on Artie Max’s UI, set Artie Max on a sheet of A4 paper, and press Run to see Artie Max draw. A simulation mode is available to preview designs and debug if needed. Artie Max comes with 3 onboard washable markers (blue, green, and pink) and works with any markers that are 8mm-10.5mm in diameter. Artie Max also has cool LED light-up eyes and mouth which can be programmed to change colour. Kids can add commands to change the facial expressions and put on a light show. Charging is easy as Artie Max has a built-in rechargeable battery and micro USB data cable. The cable is also used when downloading updates from Artie Max measures 17.5cm H and 17cm w. .

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