Aroma Doh Alert



The Aroma Doh Alert has a beautiful blue rich colour enriched with all Natural peppermint essential oil.
The Aroma Doh Alert is both a stimulating and refreshing dough that has play benefits and is highly tactile,making this a favourite amongst children and adults alike.

  • Handmade, super soft play dough.

  • The ultimate Aromatherapy experience for children.

  • Combining Play, Colour and aromatherapy.

    BLUE: increases calmness, peace, kindness, tranquillity, confidence and intelligence. This is a soothing sea blue dough.

    Each tub contains 150g of coloured Aroma Smart Doh, plenty for creative moulding and sculpting fun!

    • Made using natural ingredients
    • No artificial preservatives
    • CE Certified
    • Vegan friendly
    • Non-toxic
      Take your child on a journey of discovery, creativity and imagination with Smart Doh.

This collection of Smart Doh is a fantastic fun way to express imaginative play. The bright colours and smell make this both visually and aromatically appealing.

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