All About Me Family Counters Tub



This multi-tasking family helps reinforce maths themes and social development Meet the real multi-tasking family of manipulatives ! These family counters are so irresistible that children will want to pick them up constantly. Not only will they learn about themselves and can they use the counters to tell about their family members and pets, they will also learn to count and sort the different counters by colour, shape, size and much more. Counting and sorting is an important aspect of the Mathematics and Science Curriculum's, in both the Number and Algebra strand as well as in the Measurement and Geometry strand and the Physics strand. Not only will students have to learn to count to 10 and later to 100 and further, they will also have to classify objects and range them from short to long, or create patterns, either by colour or by shape Promote social and emotional development with the All About Me range. Colourful family counters represent people and pets in all families Family counters can be used for: “All About Me” themed lessons Developing personal identity Early numeracy skills: counting, sorting and patterning Download Activity Guide Characters include: Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Baby and Pet 72 counters in six colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange Tallest counter measures 6cm H (Dad) Smallest counter measures 2.5cm H (Baby and Pet)

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