Addict A Ball Maze 1



The Addict A Ball Maze 1 is a hand held game to test your skill and patience! Negotiate the metal ball through the 3D maze – sounds simple but encounter the drops, flips, spirals and worse then you may have to start again.Have you got the skills? Think you’re good enough to complete this crazy addictive Addict A Ball Maze?Addict-a-ball involves patience and epic hand-eye coordination. Carefully twist the puzzle sphere to get the little ball around the colourful maze – be careful not to fall!If you manage to complete this awesome puzzle, challenge your friends to beat your record time and see who comes out on top!Can you complete the puzzle while standing on one leg? Use your imagination and challenge yourself!Puzzling fun for kids aged 6 and over.The Addict A Ball measures 19cm in diameter.

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