A Giant Top



A wonderful giant top for hours of fun. The Gonge Giant top is made of strong plastic for indoor or outdoor play, this giant top can be used by one or two children to rock, spin or make a den. The edge of the Gonge Giant top protects children's heads whilst the raised edges protect fingers from being trapped. The Gonge Giant top has lots of uses: use it to rock from side to side, spin it, build a den, etc. Small children can even use it as a boat in the pool (only under adult supervision). Develops children’s physical coordination while they play, made of strong plastic for both indoor and outdoor play. Very suitable for basic physical coordination training with disabled people. Take a good look at our original top,only the original top is shaped with a pointed centre. This enables children to get the feeling of turning upside-down when moving the top 360° around the centre. The edge of the top protects children’s heads and hands from getting hurt. Raised edges prevent children from getting their fingers caught under the top. And there is no risk of suffocation if children hide inside the top. 3-10 years. Dimensions H440 x D800mm Take a look at the Gonge Giant Top in action below:

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